In my previous article, I took you through Marrakech's streets, 

Morocco's rugged outskirts, the palm trees, the people, 

and the happy chaos. Daily life.

Here I share my favorite hotspots because Marrakech 

has developed enormously over the years in the field 

of fine restaurants and beautiful shops.

Star all these hotspots in your google maps, and you're always close to a fun go-to.

Restaurant La Famille

La Famille is one of the restaurants (for lunch) we never skip. Make sure you book a table in advance because this place gets bustling. Tucked away in a crowded street, you'll enter this dreamy setting by a small gate (you'd definitely walk by if you didn't know about the restaurant.) The patio is filled with lovely seats that feel more Mediterranean than Moroccan, probably because of the French owner. The food menu is not extensive, but it's just what you fancy after some hours of strolling in the medina. A lovely pasta salad, some flatbread to share, and a sweet cake with your Nous Nous (Cappuccino).

Max & Jan

Restaurant + Concept Shop

Riad El Fenn

Like mentioned before, Riad El Fenn is an absolute treat. 

This hotel really gets it in terms of interior styling, mixing the traditional old Moroccan tiles and colors with some modern updated furniture, making this place a true inspiration. Truths have been told: you gotta pay for it. A great solution is to stop by for a sunset drink on the rooftop. Enjoy a good glass of rosé (or two) and marvel over the stunning view.


Nomad is one of the places every tourist has discovered by now; nevertheless, it's still a place I often visit. With an inside dining area and a split-level rooftop and the black and white meets terracotta interior, it's a great place to have a coffee and a sweet date pie or have dinner when the sun is down, and the cute lanterns light up the terrace.


A hip green rooftop oasis. Drink your juice here with a beautiful view over the medina.

Scarabeo Camp

About 30 minutes drive from Marrakech, you will find the beautiful Scarabeo camp at the start of the Agafay desert. Don't worry, you'll be picked up by one of the desert-proof cars with a driver at the airport or your riad. Scarabeo is a stylish (glamping style) tent camp in the middle of nowhere. Here you can enjoy a day of complete rest, book a camel ride, read a book, and, above all, be pampered by the incredibly lovely staff. When it starts getting darker, campfires are lit, have a drink, and wait while enjoying the live music (!) Until you can sit down at dinner. Candlelight and hundreds of bright stars in the sky leads you to your tent. Now you will have to wait until you rise from your bed with beautiful sunlight. Beyond any doubt, an unforgettable experience. 

El Badi palace

The El-Badi Palace consists of the remains of a palace that was built by King Ahmad I al-Mansur in 1578. The original building probably consisted of 360 rooms, a courtyard of 135 by 110 meters, and a pond of 90 by 20 meters and is now the perfect place to wander around and take beautiful photos.

Dar el Bacha

It is one of the medina's most excellent examples of riad architecture, colorful tilework, intricate white plasterwork, and heavily carved cedarwood lintels. Dar el Bacha opened to the public in 2015 as the Museum of Confluences. Not to miss their hidden café: Bacha Coffee, where you enter a beautiful restaurant with Wes Anderson vibes. They serve over 100 different coffees to try, exceptionally well-dressed waiters and a menu with dishes such as eggs florentine and truffle fries, which is extremely welcome after a few days of tajine.

Restaurant Le Jardin

Restaurant Le Jardin is the ultimate Moroccan patio filled with lots of plants, chipping birds, candlelight, and they're even a few turtles strolling around. I always love to go here for my first night in Marrakech. This is just something you don't see in Europe. Dishes are similar to, for example, restaurant Nomad, a lot of sharing options, but also Tajines. Good to know, they don't serve alcohol here. They do have lovely (iced) teas. 

Riad Jardin Secret

Remember the cool Parisian couple Cyrielle and Julien I photographed a while ago for Interior Junkie in their Marrakech home? 

They also own a Riad, and I'm telling you, you want to go! Located in a busy but lovely neighborhood of Marrakech, you'll find this pearl of a riad. Cyrielle and Julien work together as a creative team; they give the interior advice, work as photographers, and own the riad, and you really can feel their involvement when you're there.

Bigua Cafe & Restaurant

Personally, I think rooftops in Marrakech are a great pleasure because you have to escape the hustle and bustle of the city every now and then. From this roof terrace, you look out on a local market where life just goes on. The interior here is slightly more traditional than in the hip, as mentioned above, hotspots, but no less fun. Here too, the straw hats are ready to protect you from the bright sun.

Beldi Country Club

Although I love the never-ending chaos in Marrakech, sometimes, you need to escape the hustle and bustle of the city for a little while. Our forever go-to is the Beldy Country Club. A chic hotel venue with restaurants, pools, shops, and a spa. The place is surrounded by many fields of roses, olive trees, and blossoming bushes. No wonder this venue is often rented out for events and weddings. Can you imagine marry here?

Things to do in Gueliz

Gueliz is the new center district where more modern shops and restaurants are located. It's a great place to go if you do not want to negotiate about every single penny. There are quite some tacky party clubs out here, but there are also a few things really worth visiting.

Musée Yves Saint Laurent

Book tickets in advance and skip the queue. Don't forget to go to their restaurant afterward, they have the best-iced lattes and pastries)

Jardin Majorelle

Visit the beautiful botanical garden just a few steps of the YSL museum. The garden was designed by the French artist Jacques Majorelle in 1924 when Morocco was a protectorate of France.

Restaurant plus61

If you don't feel like tajine for a day.

The Moroccans La Boutique

The Moroccans offer a range of skincare products based on natural ingredients. Every one of the plants and oils used in our products comes from Morocco's most reputed natural reserves.

33 Rue Majorelle

Boutique shop with clothes and interior accessories.

Marrakshi Life

Moroccan fashion label from New York owner Randal. Marrakshi life sells traditional Moroccan kaftans with a modern twist. Fabulous fabrics and colors and oversized fits make this brand unique. A great thing is that you can visit their showroom and the factory where you see all the colors and people working hard to create new designs, it's impressive that they are truly transparent about this and have nothing to hide.

Lrnce showroom

LRNCE is a Marrakesh based lifestyle brand focusing on interior decoration and accessories. You can visit their Pinterest worthy showroom in the new center, quite close to the airport.

Restaurant Plus61

Plus61 is one of the latest additions to our Marrakech restaurant routine. Owners Sebastian de Gzell is known for another favorite restaurant, Nomad, and Cassandra Karinsky owns Kulchi, an interior brand they teamed up, and they present a stylish, intimate and uncomplicated restaurant in the new center. The menu offers small sharing dishes and a fundamental side note, they serve wine! ;)

Absolute go-to's not pictured in this article:

Kasbah bab Ourika

Surrounded by the Atlas Mountains, this secluded and stylish hotel is only around 30 minutes from Marrakech but feels like an entirely different world. With a restaurant, a spa, and many activities to do, you don't need to get out.

Riad L'atelier

Located in the heart of Marrakech, you'll find this modern meets traditional gem. I discovered this place trough Claimy, the owner of The Souk Department (she organizes "workations" for creative entrepreneurs and is growing her business super fast) Riad L'Atelier mixes local touches with modern furnishings and bespoke, handcrafted pieces in every room.

Chabi Chic

Chabi Chic is a lifestyle shop with many interior accessories such as pottery, baskets, and home fragrances. They have a few shop-in-shops but also a big shop in Sidi Ghanem. Ps: They just opened Villa Chabi Chic their own shop, restaurant, and spa in one!

Riad Yima Tea Room

Gallery of the Moroccan Artist, Designer, and Photograph Hassan hajj with many colorful artworks. Not far from restaurant Nomad but tucked away in a remote street.

Maison de la Photographie

Photo gallery with a small cafe on one of the highest rooftops of Marrakech.

Botanical garden Le Jardin Secret

The Botanical garden Le Jardin Secret now opens its doors to the public. The origins of the complex date back to the Saadian Dynasty, more than four hundred years ago. Le Jardin Secret is part of the great tradition of stately Arab-Andalusian and Moroccan palaces. A beautiful oasis and the perfect place to unwind from the hectic medina.

Café des Epices

Located right on the Marche Epices with all the local herbs and souk sellers, you'll find Café des Epices. A great place to grab a sandwich on the rooftop and watch the crowd from a distance. Good to know: Café des Epice also offers take-away, if you want to eat in for a night.

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