The 'Entrepreneur Stories' Package (starting from €400)

Whether you’re a professional speaker, entrepreneur, author or creative, I’d love to dive into your world and visually bring your business to life.
Are you ready for a close-up?

This photography session is designed to create a unique series of custom lifestyle images for your social media and website: shots of you doing what you do best. They can be taken in the comfort of your own workplace (at home) or somewhere outside in the city.
Just imagine the possibilities: you, stretched out at your desk, latte in hand, looking cool as hell. You're welcome. The result is a whole library of suitable, authentic images, created especially for you.

Some of the rockstars I've worked with include Yara MichelsRens KroesLonneke Nooteboom and Kelly Weekers. No matter how big or small, I'd love to help you get your personal brand out there.
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