I think it was around 3 years ago, Sandra introduced me to Marrakech. She owns an interior label called The Souks, and I started freelancing for her a little before. A dream came true. I joined her to the city to take photos for her Instagram and website, show people the true colors of Morocco.

You can experience Marrakech in many different ways. Sleeping in a chic hotel such as La Mamounia or El Fenn and maybe visit the medina once, or you can get into it, glimpse and delve, negotiating, meeting beautiful people, and getting lost in all the narrow streets.

That feeling when prayer starts playing, and 100,000 things are happening all at once around you gives me so much energy, then I feel most alive and feel blessed I can travel.

In this series, I take you through the chaos and splendor of Morocco. From Marrakech to Taroudant and everything you see along the way. Daily life.

Pictured above: the Ourika valley, a 30 minutes drive from Marrakech.

Sandra strolling trough the medina

Pictured above: locals in Marrakech

A few useful tips before you go to Marrakech:

  • Cover your shoulders and don't wear short skirts and jeans.
  • Haggling is everything, but be realistic, respect the makers, and think about what you want to spend on something yourself when you start negotiating.
  • Make sure you have cash with you.
  • Be prepared for sensory overload. This city can be overwhelming in both — beautiful as well as an unfavorable way.
  • Agree on the price before getting in the cab, or make sure they use the meter.
  • Although driving around outside of Marrakech is relaxed, and freedom and nature around are beautiful. Be prepared because police can be corrupt. They can arrest you quickly for breaking the speed limit or (crazy but true) passing a donkey, for example.

On the way to Taroudant, an old town in the south of Morocco, you will encounter the most beautiful landscapes. 

From vast deserts to small villages with real Moroccan scenes.

Lady walking with her sheep outside of the medina of Taroudant.

Moment of relaxation in the beautiful garden at Dar Zahia in Taroudant 

A sweet woman in the Ourika Valley invites us to tea.

©Emma Peijnenburg

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