This year I decided to skip the cold and cloudy winter months in Holland and travel to Sydney and Bali rather. First, I was in Sydney to photograph a wedding, and then I flew to Bali. Best decision ever. After Australia, Bali was, even more eden. Because, of course, it's a lot cheaper, but also there's this super-relaxed easygoing vibe which worked out well for me. 

Canggu became my home-away-from-home; it's a digital nomad paradise. Most of the time, I started my days very early and was working from 8 to 13:00 and then moved back to the hotel and go for a swim and lunch elsewhere. What a life, right? I felt way more productive and inspired, and I finally got the time to work on some projects for myself, just like these travel blogs. In this post, I walk you through my favorite Canggu discoveries

The Shady Shack

Compared to a lot of modernly built restaurants in Canggu, The Shady Shack feels homey and cozy. A sweet little cabin with a veranda and all types of furniture overlooking small rice paddies of Canggu. Vegetarian restaurant with a lot of vegan options. I liked coming here early in the morning when it was still quiet to have breakfast. I regularly ordered dinner via go-jek. (also recommended). The jackfruit tacos and smoothie bowls were my favorite dishes. 

The Shady Shack - Jl. Tanah Barak No.57 


Located in main street Batu Bolong where many shops and restaurants are established, you'll find Ninety One, a visually pleasing Mediterranean restaurant. It often looks quiet from the outside, but that may be because most people sit at the backside at the poolside terrace. Sometimes it is a little empty, though. Maybe that's why I love this place so much, and I sincerely hope people will visit this restaurant. Many new restaurants are opening its doors in Bali, and of course, it's getting harder to stand out. But whether I came here to dine broadly, sip lemonades (try the garden lemonade!) at the pool, or work for a few hours with my laptop, I always felt welcome, and the quality never let me down. I simply love this place. 

Ninety One -  Pantai Batu Bolong St No.91

The Slow

Cult meets art meets food. A beautiful open space restaurant with many plants. All dishes are small portions, so it's perfect for trying different things. The excellent cocktail menu and the easy going-vibe make it easy to stick around for a couple of hours. 

The Slow - Pantai Batu Bolong St No.97

Two Trees Eatery

Very relaxing open-windows space surrounded by a lot of green. What is it with yellow that always stimulates joy and positivity? I love it. Ideal for stopping by on your way to the beach. Friendly staff but make sure you're not in a hurry, it can take a little while, but hey you're on holiday! 

Two Trees Eatery - Jl. Pantai Berawa No.99 


A very welcoming place with minimalistic interior + little homeware shop with handmade ceramics. The owners are almost always there and are super friendly. Highly recommended to go for breakfast or lunch. They serve healthy gastronomical and real food that looks almost too good to eat. They have a few tables outside and two tables inside (laptops not allowed). 

Quince Cafe - Jl. Pantai Berawa No.51


Parachute is definitely outstanding in its decor. A farm + restaurant amongst the rice paddies with a big terrace and a lot of green, ideal for kids to play. There's not a wide choice on the menu and for Bali terms quite pricey, but it did not let me down. They serve dishes with surprising flavor compositions freshly prepped with vegetables from their own garden.

Parachute - Jl. Subak Sari 13 No.8-4

La Brisa

It is one of these restaurants you see in all the Bali guides. A big venue located on the beach well appreciated for cocktails during sunsets but also commendable to go for breakfast right when they open, grab a bean bag or a seat in front of the beach, and check out the surfers while sipping a creamy iced latte. The decor is outstanding, and you can discover new details over and over again. Did you know it's made from hundreds of reclaimed Balinese fisher boats? 

La Brisa - Jl. Pantai Batu Mejan

Penny Lane

New kid in town; Penny lane is an Instagrammers paradise (if you don't feel like a lot of people taking photos around you, don't go). The interior is a dazzling mix between Ibiza, Morocco, and Bali I would say. There are many nooks for each moment of the day. Also, a big plus when you go with a group, a lot of sharing dishes and bigger group tables. 

Penny Lane - Jl. Munduk Catu No.9


Welcome to Canggu, Yema! A dazzle outdoor seating restaurant with a swimming pool. They just opened its doors, and so I was delighted to be one of the first to check it out. They serve Mediterranean food (a lot of sharing choices) and to give you an idea of the quality: the chef used to work in a two Michelin star restaurant in France, just saying. The decor and vibe feel like a great mix of Morocco, Greece, and Bali to me, which I really liked. On the side, they are manufacturing a small in-house boutique, a flower shop/atelier, and a patisserie. Also, the staff was genuinely interested and open to feedback, which is always a plus to me because they are eager to improve. 

Yema - Jl. Tanah Barak No.31, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara, Kabupaten Badung, Bali 

Zin café

A rustic big open space with lovely rattan details everywhere.  Zin cafe is part of Zin Hotels, a place where I did a shoot once, it feels exceptionally zen is located on a more quiet area of Canggu close to the beach. I ordered the Cauliflower nasi goreng, which was so good. Great place out of the crowd. 

Zin cafe - Jl. Nelayan No.78F

Lila Kozina

Yes, a Moroccan place in Bali! Some of you might know I'm a big fan and visited Marrakech for about 8 times in the last few years. (See my tips here) So it's no surprise I needed to check out this restaurant. What a cute looking small restaurant. Authentic Moroccan cuisine served in a modern but cozy interior. I went here for breakfast, and it was refreshing to see different food on the menu, I was debating between the Shakshuka and the Moroccan pancakes and choose the last one, you know not the American pancakes but the thin ones. They were so good.  I Can't wait to go back for their tagines in the evening. 

Lila Kozina - Jl. Canggu Padang Linjong No.25A, Canggu, Kec. Kuta Utara,  Bali

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