Emma Peijnenburg

Emma Who?

When Emma is cycling along the canals of Amsterdam, there’s not a moment she loses track of all the details. She takes it aaaall in. Actually, this goes for any situation in which she finds herself.

She has a big love for daylight, gets inspired by her environment easily and always lets a certain setting influence her train of thoughts

Through spontaneously traveling to unknown places and mingling with people that intrigue her, or just taking a right turn where she usually goes left… Emma just gives it a shot to make the ordinary extraordinary.

What's Cooking?

After working for Chapter Friday as Yara Michel's personal photographer for quite some years and being welcomed into the buzzing world of online media, Emma found her niche. She currently creates storytelling content as a lifestyle/travel photographer for different like-minded brands. 

Emma Peijnenburg 
1995 , The Netherlands

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